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Critical Minds & Compassionate Hearts – Bagh-e-Sakina’s impactful training at Ghulman-e-Abbas School


To enhance the critical thinking skills of children and create a more inclusive classroom environment, Bagh-e-Sakina’s team recently conducted a comprehensive three-day training program for students at Ghulman-e-Abbas School. The initiative aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to promote inclusivity, child rights, and civic engagement. This program is funded and supported by ISD Global’s Young Cities and Hive Pakistan. 

Children Training at Ghulman-e-Abbas School:
Team Bagh-e-Sakina successfully engaged with approximately 100 students from Ghulman-e-Abbas School through activity-based training sessions. These sessions were specifically designed to introduce grade 9 and 10 students to critical concepts and thinking tools, facilitating an improvement in their learning outcomes and positive civic engagement. 

Positive Feedback and Sustainable Impact:
Recognizing the need for sustainability, the team extended its efforts to closely engage with school administration in capacity building. The school management expressed a desire for continued training sessions to enhance teacher exposure and foster a more inclusive classroom environment.

Bagh-e-Sakina’s holistic approach to education, combining on-ground training sessions with a successful social media campaign, demonstrates its commitment to fostering positive change within the educational landscape. As they celebrate their first anniversary, the team looks forward to continued collaboration, impactful training sessions, and further contributions to the promotion of child rights and inclusivity in education at Ghulman-e-Abbas School.