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Meet Our Team

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Markhan Mushtaque

Director of Resource Mobilization

Markhan Mushtaqe is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the development and corporate sectors. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As Director Resource Mobilization, she has a pivotal role in shaping our organizational structure and implementing a robust functional framework. Markhan ensures coordination to optimize resource utilization for efficient project delivery.

Aiman Nouman

Director of Strategy and Design

Aiman Nouman, a design thinker and passionate advocate for social causes, brings creativity and purpose to our organization. She played a pivotal role in shaping our branding and design strategy. As the Director of Strategy and Design, she currently leads the organization's design strategy and oversees product development for our ongoing projects.

Syed Safi Haider Rizvi

Director of Project Execution

Safi Haider Rizvi, with his valuable technical and critical insights, has played a crucial role in shaping Bagh-e-Sakina's program implementation strategy. As Director of Project Execution, he is responsible for overseeing the program implementation of our current project. His role is to ensure that all internal and external elements of project delivery are aligned to guarantee smooth project execution

Syeda Ifrah Faheem

Director of Communications

Ifrah Faheem, with her passion for social causes and experience in the development sector, worked on crafting a solid communication strategy for the organization and guided the program strategy for our current project. As the Director of Communications, Ifrah leads the comprehensive communication strategy for our projects and organization. She actively engages with both external and internal stakeholders while also overseeing the organization's strategic goals.

Syed Anzal Abbas Jaffari

Founder & Director Program Planning

The undeniable truth is that children in Pakistan face numerous challenges, both structural and non-structural. While significant efforts have been made since Pakistan's inception to improve the health and education outcomes for children, the question arises: How can Bagh-e-Sakina make a unique contribution? My background in the development sector supported with extensive secondary research revealed a critical gap – the lack of partnerships among major stakeholders in education, health, welfare, and beyond. Thus, Bagh-e-Sakina's primary goal is to work for children's welfare by forging partnerships across sectors. We aim to create a sustainable impact in the lives of children deprived of their fundamental rights and opportunities by developing innovative social programs. It's important to acknowledge that this endeavor wouldn't have become a reality without the exceptional and unwavering support of our founding team and mentors. In 2020, I first shared this idea with my parents, both of whom have dedicated their careers to the educational sector. Azher Abbas, also affiliated with Habib University, played a pivotal role in nurturing this idea and transforming Bagh-e-Sakina into a reality. Subsequently, I contacted exceptional individuals, all of whom comprise the founding team of BagheSakina.