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At Bagh-e-Sakina, our core belief is that every child deserves fundamental rights and opportunities essential for their overall well-being. Children hold a special place at the heart of our mission, and they are the focal point of all our endeavors. As a social enterprise, we are driven by the commitment to develop and implement initiatives that uplift and empower children, ensuring they have the resources and support necessary for a brighter future.

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Collaborating to develop Sustainable Social Programs

Collaborate with organizations, educators, public health experts, students, and the community to implement innovative social programs designed to enhance children’s welfare.

Empowering Young Minds – Training Program

Bagh-e-Sakina’s (BES) activity-based training program strives to boost children’s critical thinking and communication skills. Our program aims to enhance their learning outcomes through a digital repository of activity books and informational material, fostering information literacy and problem-solving skills.

Advocacy for social change Typography

Advocating for educational and health policies at both the national and provincial levels to safeguard children’s rights.